For God was so angry with a world of sinners that He sacrificed His own Son to exhaust His wrath, so that whosoever believes that the Son appeased the angry Father on their behalf would not be punished by Him but would escape hell fire and live forever in heaven (with that same God).
(John 3:16 Wrathbone version)

Does God torture people who don't love Him enough?

When and where is Hell?

Is God Bi-Polar?

Is God going to run out of patience with rebels and roast them?

How can anyone love a God who threatens people with eternal and unimaginable abuse if they refuse His love? Is that how love operates?

If someone came up to you, put a knife to your chest and demanded that you love them for the rest of your life or else, would you want to love them or hate them?
Are humans more humane than God?

These are not hypothetical questions or religious trivia. These are issues of the heart that are very unsettling for millions of people. Many struggle to love a God who, according to many religious leaders, will delight in roasting them alive for eternity if they don't sufficiently satisfy His demands, or convince Him of their allegiance, or say certain “magic” words or phrases. But is this the actual truth about the God revealed in the Bible? Does the Bible really teach us of a monster in the sky waiting to torture us if we aren't good enough?

Discovering the real truth about the wrath of Jehovah has not just changed my mind about many things, but has unlocked my heart to be able to respond to God's love in spontaneous praise, devotion and appreciation for a God who is, in fact, very different than what most people claiming to represent Him have made Him out to be.

I have collected my research on this topic to make it available here for those interested in going deeper to find honest truth about God, His wrath, and how to reconcile Jesus with typical views of God. I also share the importance of proper preparation for getting close to God.

Love requires freedom to even exist. Consequently, in every relationship of true love, all parties must be free to choose not to love without any threat of reprisal, for true love can only be based on respect, mutual trust, vulnerability and safe intimacy. I have discovered that God is looking for just such a relationship with each one of us.

I invite you to explore the truth about this God. Listen carefully to the quiet voice of His sweet Spirit inside of you that will inevitably begin alluring your heart into an experience of love that can satisfy your deepest cravings like nothing else has ever been able to do before.

There is a far bigger reality than what is seen in our politics, our social networks or our careers. We are all involved in a massive battle that began outside this planet that is fierce and constant. Though it is very real, it remains largely unseen because so much of it takes place in the supernatural realm. The Bible provides the most reliable information available about this ongoing war, and while there are many theories about how it will end, only God has the complete answers.

I have discovered that the final ending of this war is going to be a stunning surprise for nearly everyone. Come with me and take a peek into the future. The end of the story is very different than what most have presumed. It really will be a Surprise Ending.